February 19, 2024

Russia's Anti-LGBTQ+ "Extremism" Ruling: A Global Warning

by Yelena V. Litvinov and Ivan Lemziakov, for the Kettering Foundation
Russia’s latest anti-LGBTQ+ ruling is a stark warning to all those witnessing attacks on marginalized groups in their own countries. The escalation from homophobic and transphobic rhetoric to the use of an extremism law illustrates that anti-LGBTQ+ policies are simply a political tool. Targeting the queer community, or any marginalized group, is an easy move from the authoritarian playbook to suppress dissent and consolidate power.

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January 1, 2024

What is home in the age of exile?

by Tatyana Margolin, for Politico Europe
One can reliably gauge the latest geopolitical upheaval by who is sleeping on the red pullout couch in my New York apartment.

In the summer of 2021, I was hosting an independent Russian journalist facing criminal persecution in his home country. In the spring of 2022, it was a Ukrainian mom seeking refuge from war. And earlier this year in October, it was my Israeli friend with her family, who left after the horrific attacks and ensuing war.

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November 29, 2023

War Is the Ultimate Tool in the Authoritarian Toolbox

by Yelena V. Litvinov, for the Kettering Foundation
I barely had a chance to grieve the gut-wrenching news of Hamas’ pogrom on October 7, 2023, before the familiar drums of war were beating. On October 11, the Israeli Defense Force tweeted, “You either stand with Israel or you stand with terrorism.” It echoed George W. Bush’s nearly identical phrasing just weeks after the 9/11 attacks.

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October 26, 2023

STROIKA at the Keseb Global Democracy Champions Summit

The 2023 Keseb Global Democracy Champions Summit (October 24-26, 2023) focused on "Preparing for the 2024 Mega Election Year." In 2024, half of the world’s populations will participate in elections. Watch Tatyana Margolin's analysis in the Summit highlights reel.

September 19, 2023

STROIKA at the Kettering Foundation's Emerging Issues Conference

The Kettering Foundation's first Emerging Issues Conference took place on September 19, 2023, exploring "the dimensions of authoritarian moves taking place both globally and in the United States, responses and the tensions between potential solutions, and potential ways forward." Watch Yelena Litvinov in the "Countering Authoritarianism x Fostering Citizen Engagement" panel.

July 9, 2023

STROIKA at the 22nd Century Conference

STROIKA led a panel on "The Authoritarian Playbook: Parallels & Lessons from Russia’s March to Authoritarianism" at the 22nd Century Initiative's conference in Minneapolis, MN. The Forging a People-Powered Democracy Conference convened pro-democracy movements and community leaders to develop strategies for blocking the rise of the authoritarian right.

May 11, 2023

What Grant Making in Russia Taught Us About How to Address the Assault on American Democracy

by Yelena Litvinov & Tatyana Margolin, for The Chronicle of Philanthropy
A dissident lawmaker is expelled by the legislature’s majority for supporting a popular protest movement. The lawmaker argues that the move was politically motivated following his participation in a protest. Outside experts call the expulsion a dangerous sign of increasing authoritarianism.

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December 16, 2022

With gratitude from STROIKA

February 24th, 2022, will forever be remembered as the day Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. One day later, by sheer coincidence, STROIKA’s formal registration was finalized. We came into existence on the eve of enormous destruction. As an organization whose mission is to build (‘stroika’ means ‘construction site’ in Russian), we realized that we were made for this moment.

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March 3, 2022

Putin can't live with dissent – that’s why he’s trying to silence his critics

by Yelena Litvinov & Tatyana Margolin, for openDemocracy
Vladimir Putin is currently fighting on two fronts: his brutal military assault on Ukraine is accompanied by relentless repression against any hint of opposition inside Russia itself.

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December 15, 2021

Exiled Journalists Need Support, Not Autocrat-Fueled Skepticism

by Alexander Cooley & Tatyana Margolin, for Just Security
Even though this year’s Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to two investigative journalists working in two different authoritarian contexts, autocrats are becoming bolder and more brash in their crackdown on independent media.

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November 11, 2021

"Traditional Values" Unite Both Sides in a New Ideological Cold War

by Gillian Kane & Tatyana Margolin, for The Moscow Times
There is much debate about a new “cold war” between Russia and the U.S., but one tactic illiberal politicians on both sides of the Atlantic agree on is embracing “traditional values” to cover up their own failings. Far-right demagogues from Moscow to Texas increasingly incite moral panic to stir up tensions and deflect from domestic troubles.

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