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STROIKA’s rapid response Ukraine Fund moves your tax-deductible donations directly to trusted local organizations — to community groups meeting urgent wartime needs today, and rebuilding Ukraine tomorrow.

From Kharkiv to Kyiv, from Odesa to Lviv, activists who have been working for decades to build a more inclusive and democratic Ukraine have pivoted to meet the needs of their war-torn communities. They are now running shelters, documenting war crimes, and navigating wartime supply chains to deliver food & medical supplies.

The problem is that these local groups have funding gaps for wartime relief efforts, and international aid is not sufficiently covering their needs.

The STROIKA Ukraine Fund provides them unmediated relief — fast.

Every $5,000 raised is transferred to one of our trusted partners on a rotating basis, as general support grants directly to their bank accounts, empowering group leaders to decide where funds can make the greatest impact.

where your funds go

Our partners are feminist and Roma activists, human rights lawyers, public health professionals, independent journalists, environmental defenders, and educators. Beyond the current crisis, these community leaders are committed to the long-term work of rebuilding a democratic society for those forced to leave, those who will return, and those who remained – and they need your urgent support.

Ecoclub Rivne

Before the war: Organizing for sustainable energy policies and climate change adaptation, locally and nationally. Increasing building energy efficiency. Leading the Ukrainian Climate Network.

Since the war: Installing solar panels and power banks for hospitals and public service buildings. Distributing humanitarian aid.

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Gender Stream

Before the war: Advancing diversity, anti-discrimination, intersectional feminism, and LGBTQI equality in Kharkiv and across Ukraine.

Since the war: Operating 2 shelters for trans and gender-nonconforming IDPs. Virtual psychological support. Legal and medical assistance services.

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Kharkiv With You

Before the war: Pushing for transparent educational and medical reforms in Ukraine. Assisting low-income and internally displaced persons. Supporting local grassroots initiatives.

Since the war: Food and medical supply delivery to people living in conflict zones. Psychological support and physical rehabilitation for displaced children. Feeding medics & rescuers.

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Kharkiv Human Rights Group

Before the war: One of the oldest human rights groups in Ukraine. Providing legal aid for victims of torture, police abuse, & political persecution.

Since the war: Documenting Russian war crimes in Kharkiv oblast & Mariupol. Assisting victims of wartime rights violations, including marginalized communities.

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Women's Perspectives

Before the war: Fighting for gender equality in Ukraine since 1998. Protecting victims of domestic violence & human trafficking.  Legal aid & psychological support.

Since the war: Running a Lviv shelter for IDPs. Direct services and psychological counseling to women & children. Distributing funds to other grassroots women’s organizations serving IDPs.

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Athena: Women Against Cancer

Before the war: Ukraine’s largest community of cancer patients. Supporting access to medicines & protecting the rights of people with cancer. Active reformers of Ukraine’s health system.

Since the war: Ensuring that people with cancer have access to treatment, services, and medical evacuation. Monitoring humanitarian aid medication deliveries.

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Our process hinges on transparency, efficiency, and trust.

For over a decade, we’ve built robust local networks in Ukraine and have vetted our partners through extensive due diligence. We have carefully selected organizations that have significant wartime funding gaps and insufficient support from existing international aid. Each group is providing rapid-response services, and is in dire need of funds.

Our partners must meet the following criteria:

  • A strong track record building Ukraine’s civil society over the past decade
  • A history of exemplary financial stewardship and efficient use of funds
  • Effective emergency response during the COVID-19 pandemic and the war
  • A firm commitment to supporting marginalized communities
  • A proven ability to responsibly navigate wartime supply chains
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About US

The STROIKA, Inc. team has strong ties to Ukrainian civil society, deep expertise in international philanthropy, and a profound sense of responsibility rooted in our Ukrainian and Belarusian origins.

We Are


The mission of STROIKA, Inc. is to build a more interconnected, intersectional, and better resourced global anti-authoritarian grassroots movement.

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Born and raised in the former Soviet Union — with Yelena hailing from Kyiv, Ukraine and Tatyana from Minsk, Belarus — our experience as refugees gives us a unique understanding of displacement.


For more than a decade, we’ve built strong networks in Ukrainian civil society, vetting our partners through extensive due diligence, including repeated site visits and financial audits.


Through ongoing advocacy and an intersectional approach to activism, we’ve bolstered international resistance movements and helped inoculate societies against rising authoritarianism.


With a collective 25 years at the Open Society Foundations, we hold professional expertise in international human rights, philanthropy, and in Ukrainian and Eurasian civil society movement building.

Our Donors

STROIKA Ukraine Fund donors care deeply about supporting Ukraine — and making the greatest impact possible. You might have donated to Ukraine earlier, but you see the crisis continuing, and want to make sure your giving is efficient and effective. You are motivated to support those who are focused on survival today, and on rebuilding tomorrow.

You Are

A Humanitarian

Compassionate and politically attuned, you see the crisis in Ukraine as a call to action. As the war drags on, you know the stakes are high — and you’re determined to make sure your donations are going to where they’re needed most.

A Realist

You have a sophisticated understanding of the giving ecosystem. You know there’s no quick fix, but you also don’t want bureaucratic red tape to mitigate the impact of your donation. You want to make a direct impact in Ukraine — right now.

A Leader

You inspire and motivate others. You’ve been on the front lines of social justice movements, or following a career path in service to others.  You want your dollars to go further and invest in Ukraine's longer-term recovery.

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