Resource Mobilization

Resource Mobilization

STROIKA gets much-needed funds directly to the individuals and collectives confronting authoritarianism today.

We are a lean social justice incubator, making use of our extensive networks and tools to safely and effectively resource an ecosystem of activists on the front lines of anti-authoritarian resistance.

STROIKA’s resource mobilization is:


able to respond quickly to rapidly changing circumstances, even in deeply politically repressive contexts.


minimizing the administrative burdens of traditional grantmaking on our partners.


supporting a range of entities, from individuals to well-established organizations

Mitigates risk

by using secure mechanisms to ensure activists are not endangered for receiving foreign funds.


with trusted local networks as well as our own due diligence process informing our selection of partners.


  • We navigate the complex ecosystem of regranters, fiscal sponsors, and intermediary organizations to directly resource the anti-authoritarian resistance.
  • We prioritize safety and security, while minimizing administrative burden for partners.
  • We have developed a toolbox of secure funding mechanisms for effectively supporting activists even in the most restrictive contexts.
  • We help partners unlock a diverse funder network to grow their sustainability.
  • We offer pragmatic solutions to resource the most effective interventions.

Interested in working together?

What can I do to help?

Consider giving to STROIKA’s Anti-Authoritarian Fund: your tax-deductible donations will provide critical support to the frontline groups working for a better future around the world. If you know of an organization or activist that would be a good fit for STROIKA’s global anti-authoritarian network, don’t hesitate to contact us. And seek out the progressive local organizations and civic movements that inspire you in your own communities, and find ways to give of your time and talents.

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