Intersectional Strategizing

Purpose Consulting

STROIKA connects individuals across the thematic and geographic divides that keep movements from working together to take on global authoritarianism.

We curate secure spaces for intersectional convenings, scenario planning, learning, and imagining alternative futures. We then mobilize the resources needed for leaders to experiment with the resistance strategies that emerge.

In 2023, we brought together:
- LGBTQI activists from Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, and Russia
- Anti-war activists from the human rights, independent media, and feminist/queer movements
- Exiled journalists from Russia, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey
- Artists exploring the role of art in anti-authoritarian resistance

Betting on visionary changemakers

The STROIKA co-founders have decades of experience identifying the right people -- those who are standing up for a better future, locally and globally.

We have a long track record of creating meaningful opportunities for movement leaders to step out of their reactive day-to-day work, to learn from each other’s experiences and tactics, and to brainstorm collectively for the long term. We then connect them with the resources, strategic guidance, and global networks to amplify their impact; we fill urgent funding gaps via our Anti-Authoritarian Fund, while also advocating with donors to ensure that global philanthropic resources are spent where they are most urgently needed to counter the authoritarian threat. 

Whom we support

We have a broad tent of partners: they are frontline activists, journalists, artists, lawyers, and social entrepreneurs. With critical elections happening in 2024 on every continent around the globe, we are bringing together anti-authoritarian movement leaders from across country contexts for joint strategizing.

In 2024, we are prioritizing four anti-authoritarian cohorts:

  • Feminist, queer, and racial justice activists standing up to white nationalist and ‘anti-gender’ (anti-LGBTQI+ and anti-abortion) movements.
  • Pro-democracy activists pushing for political transparency and voting rights protection locally
  • Climate justice activists, especially from indigenous-led movements, holding governments and corporations to account.
  • Journalists and freedom of expression activists taking on surveillance technology and attacks on journalist freedoms.

Building across borders and movements

STROIKA’s signature secure convenings have been described as “transformative.” We create safe strategizing spaces, both online and offline, to build long term cross-border and cross-movement collaborations.

In doing so, we strive to challenge the extractive models of philanthropy. We pay participants directly for their time and insights, and we help them see ideas to fruition, continuing to provide accompaniment and fundraising support for long-term strategic goals.

Our approach:

  • Carefully select attendees who rarely get to be in conversation with each other
  • Build trust, enabling organic partnerships and long-term collaborations to emerge
  • Curate programming to maximize unexpected connections and meaningful learning – including a seamless mix of information-sharing, practical skills-building, long-range scenario planning, and burnout prevention in a secure environment
  • Compensate participants with a seed grant, to provide immediate support to their important work today.
  • Resource the long-term by funding innovative intersectional strategies.

Interested in working together?

What can I do to help?

Consider giving to STROIKA’s Anti-Authoritarian Fund: your tax-deductible donations will provide critical support to the frontline groups working for a better future around the world. If you know of an organization or activist that would be a good fit for STROIKA’s global anti-authoritarian network, don’t hesitate to contact us. And seek out the progressive local organizations and civic movements that inspire you in your own communities, and find ways to give of your time and talents.

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